Got my ROCK running, now I need something to stream to

I have my ROCK up and running (specs below) but I need to figure out the best Roon endpoints for my TV room and living room.

The ROCK is co-located in the TV room with the internet connected router, NEST WiFi router, Denon - AVR-X3700H 8K Ultra HD and surround speaker setup, etc.

Right below in the living room is the Krell KSA-300S and KRC-3 with another NEST WiFi router with an AirPlay enabled Airport Express connected via RCA to the preamp. There are a pair on unused balanced XLR inputs on the KRC-3 that would be ideal for a Roon endpoint.

There are also a pair of Sonos speakers in the kitchen, a single in the bedroom and in the office along with more NEST mesh nodes. I can live with the sound from the Sonos speakers, but I’d like to get the best bang for my buck on appropriate Roon endpoints for the Denon and especially the Krell. I’d hoped the ROCK could be coerced into service as an endpoint since it sits on top of the Denon receiver, but no joy based on my research. Suggestions?

Many thanks!

Roon Core Machine (ROCK)

  • 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10710U (NUC10i7FNH1)
  • SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB, M.2 NVMe Interface Internal Solid State Hard Drive with V-NAND Technology for Gaming, Graphic Design, MZ-V7S1T0B/AM
  • Crucial RAM 16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL22 Laptop Memory CT16G4SFRA32A

Networking gear and Setup
Synology DS1621+ NAS / Google NEST Router MESH WiFi (also tested with NETGEAR 10-Port Gigabit/10G Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS110MX))

You can’t use HDMI out on the NUC to the Denon AVR? The Denon should support AirPlay (my Marantz does) so you could AirPlay from Roon to the Denon but HDMI out from the NUC to Denon would be better.

As for the Sonos stuff Roon can supposedly (I don’t have any Sonos stuff to verify) use Sonos devices as audio devices. Do any of them show up as options in the Audio settings of your Roon remote?

ROCK can be used as an endpoint. What happens when you try?

It’s connected to the Denon via HDMI, but the ROCK isn’t visible as a configurable endpoint in Settings/Audio.

Hmm, my ROCK Settings==>Audio. In my case, I have nothing connected to HDMI, but they show up nonetheless.

Nothing directly connected to ROCK here, just WiFi devices:

This is everything.

Something is wrong with your ROCK setup. You should be seeing, in addition to HDMI, the system output.

I disabled my ‘Bucket’ endpoint to show you that.

As an experiment, I disconnected my USB cable that goes to my DAC. With nothing connected at all you should see -

The fact that you don’t even get a ‘Connected to Core’ section tells me something basic is wrong.

No matter how I connect the ROCK/NUC to the network, there are no directly connected devices. Shifting it to the GS-110MX unmanaged switch:

I’m not sure what to tell you. I followed the build instructions pretty closely. Is it perhaps some BIOS related issue?

Our posts crossed in the ether. Did you see my post directly above your last?

There should be a ‘Connected to Core’ section, but there isn’t.

I get that there is no “Connected to core” section, there never has been on my ROCK build. I have no idea why that might be since the build is fairly turnkey, especially since I used the recommended hardware.

Weird. Everything functions, in that you can play to other endpoints, right?

I guess, if it were me, I would try to attach a DAC to a USB port on the ROCK and see if that showed up.

As long as ROCK installed and your other endpoints work, then I shouldn’t think so. I guess anythings possible, although I never screwed around with BIOS to get the basic outputs connected to Core.

I suppose you’ve rebooted everything, probably several times at this point.

Could be that your Mac is the Core. What do you see in Settings > About?

Yup, I can play to the Denon via Airplay, but I was hoping for better since there’s a direct HDMI connection.

The Sonos speakers and all the devices running Roon remote (my iPhone, MBP, iPad) work fine too. It’s just getting the best audio to the Denon and Krell setups that I’m trying to figure out.

If I had a USB DAC, I’d certainly have tried that. :wink: Trying to figure out what my optimal choices for endpoint hardware was, after all, the starting point of the post.

If anyone from Roon has any insights on why my ROCK/NUC might be showing no “connected to core” devices, and whether that’s a config/bug/feature issue I’d be delighted to know.

Just to confirm, the reboot option and I are well aquatinted enough that we’ll need a room soon.

Yeah, maybe that’s it. Begs the question, tho, as to why he can’t use ROCK as an endpoint.

Did you make any changes to the BIOS to begin with? I’ve got two different NUCs and don’t recall seeing any BIOS options regarding HDMI but there are audio related options. Maybe one of those?

The MacBook Pro was the original Roon Core, but having the server stop running every time I closed the lid got very old. I migrated and deauthorized the MBP to bring up the ROCK/NUC.

Just in case I had a case of terrible space dementia I closed the lid of my MBP just now and Linda and Nelson continued playing, so I think I’m safe saying it’s not my Roon Core. And then there is this…

…from Roon remote.

The instructions about configuring the BIOS were directional and not step-by-step. I flashed the updated BIOS as instructed and then went in to make the configuration changes, but found the documentation didn’t match the actual BIOS UI. I only changed things that were required: Enable legacy boot/disable UEFI, changed boot order, etc. I made no changes to anything else that wasn’t required.

I used the link to the specific NUC on Amazon from the Roon article to avoid the unexpected. However, given the mismatch between the documented process and what I had to do, there might have been something changed in the updated BIOS.

Since the ROCK/NUC was sending the screen output over HDMI to confirm it was running, and display the URL for the system status page, I don’t think I did anything to the HDMI options.

As you posted, this is the only thing that counts -

BTW - Kudos for understanding you weren’t giving away the keys to the kingdom by not hiding your IP. Many people believe that is a deep secret that only they should know.

I’ve been there. Just last night, as a matter of fact. :smirk:

Anyway, tagging @AceRimmer or anyone who can move this thread to the appropriate section where more ROCK users might happen upon it.

Good luck.

All done sir.