Gramophone Reviews

(Peter Wright) #1

Adding access to reviews from Gramaphone would really be great,

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I like the idea - it could really improve the Classical Experience; how this would be done, is another question. The current review database is available for individual subscription; I doubt that roon is interested in striking a content deal with MAG for the entire roon user base … it would probably be a waste. But as an add-on it would be great. I’m not interested in a stand-alone version of the Gramophone Review db; but if it came integrated in roon - accessible from albums but also from compositions and maybe composer bios, that would be something I’d consider to buy.

To broaden the subject a bit - something like a “content provider api / plugin” could sure enhance (metadata) experience; it might require interest from content providers, nevertheless useful example implementations like an inline wikipedia or musicbrainz/critiquebrainz data display could help and also give something for all roon users even if no third party would get persuaded to “buy in”. This might also be a frame for “user content” (personal review, notes), something wished for here and there (no links provided, but I’ve read about it in the Feature Request section. :wink: ).


That’s a brilliant idea!

(Jason O'Conal) #4

Yeah, this would be awesome.

(John) #5

Please! It’s Gramophone.