Graphics Card Recommendation

Hi all - I’ve been using the nvidia GeForce 1030 graphics card in my PC and I am starting to experience some of the same issues that have been reported by other Roon users. Can anyone recommend a Nvidia alternative - the integrated graphics card inmy PC is lackluster and doesn’t have enough ram to meet Roon’s requirements. Thanks in advance for your suggestions

What issues are you seeing - not sure I see what a graphics card will do for Roon ??

Are you using your pc for your roon server or just a roon client?



I should’ve clarified. My pc is the Roon core and I added a Nvidia graphics card about 9 months ago so there is my horsepower compared to the integrated card. I use the hdmi out to my Marantz Av8805. The Nvidia card is creating windows event 10016 log error codes. Harmless to most programs but can cause Roon to crash. There’s been others with finicky NVIDIA cards, so just seeing if other members had another brand they preferred.

I only use Nvidia and never had an issue. Try updating your drivers.

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Yes, nVidia is generally the de facto when it comes to dedicated GPUs. For ROON only you don’t need much in the way of video performance anyway. As already mentioned, look for updated drivers and do a clean install of them.

Oh you don’t need these video cards for Roon at all. I use the PC for other things which do require a good GPU, besides being a core.

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It isn’t just a core if it feeds audio via HDMI. It could be for audio performance too.

FWIW you will be lucky to get a graphics card in the current environment they are like rocking horse poop.

That’s correct, It isn’t just a core but also feeeing audio. The intergrated graphics card doesn’t support multichannel audio so that’s the reason I needed a separate card with the capability

Hello Jarrod, I had an Nvidia Quadro 4000 followed by the Quardo P4000 in my desktop when Roon was originally installed for the trial. It worked fine then on 1.6 and continued through the upgrades to 1.8. Easy to recommend, but more than required for Roon.