Great job Roon, easy install

Just wanted to stop in and say what a nice piece of software you guy have. I installed the Roon Server using the trial on an exiting VMWare session that is always running at my home. The VM is a 4 core i7 with 2GB ram running on SSD. Install went off without a hitch, I then installed the iPad app and it immediately found the Roon Server, put in the location of my music library on my NAS and right away it started to index my music. I have been collecting and ripping music since 1999 and have about 30K music files, about 90% of them are FLAC. Roon indexed the whole lot, including about 8K hi resolution files, pretty quickly. All my files are properly tagged and Roon correctly identified almost all of them correctly in only a few short hours, waveform analysis was completed in about two days. I had to go and fix a few albums that I have duplicates of that needed to be correctly identified within Roon but overall this was a painless introduction. I can only play via airplay at the moment as I have not hooked Roon into my main network player, but I am looking forward to using the software.


Welcome Joe,

It’s always encouraging for the devs to hear when things go right. They get to see and hear all the problems, but we tend not to say thanks to them when things just go right.

Hopefully your good experience of Roon continues, it does for most people. If, however, you ever should strike an issue I think you’ll be as pleasantly surprised about the timing and availability of Support by the devs as you have been by the software.

Happy listening !


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