For all the 1.8 haters out there, let me add a differing view.

Do I love all of the decisions Roon made on 1.8? Probably not, BUT…

THANK YOU to the Roon team for making the effort. There’s not one product that I own of any type that I could say I’m 100% happy with. Anyone who says that is probably lying. There are just too many people to please, and everyone has a different opinion on good/bad, etc.

So, again, THANK YOU for continuing to work on the software. I am SUPER HAPPY about getting portrait mode on my iPAD. It has made a HUGE difference for me not having to rotate the table just to use Roon.

THANK YOU for modernizing the UI. Not sure I love everything, but overall, it was a big step in the right direction.

THANK YOU for making my listening experience a better one. Music is a big deal to me, and I appreciate the ability to experience my library more easily.


for sure critics is not hate! We all love roon and music and hope that together we can make it almost perfect


I agree with you.
I really like the new version.
I also read that Roon is so expensive. I say the contrary is true.
It is a true bargain in the hifi world. It costs less than 1cm of many audiocables and a tiny part of most audio equipment I have seen here.