Green dot because of DSP volume control - Lumin M1

in the signal path there is a new element for me: dsp volume. It gives a green dot into the row of the nice purple dots.:slight_smile:

At the “device setup” my setting is “device volume” for the Lumin M1.

Is there any setting that I have to set to avoid dsp volume control and give the control to the lumin?

It is a new thing, previously I’ve never had dsp volume in the path


György Hild

windows server 2016/Dell T20/ Roon Version 1.7 (build 571) general router given by UPC/ wired connection via powerline LUMIN M1/ethernet

Is the Lumin’s volume control digital?
If Roon was doing DSP volume control you’d have a different signal path. There would be a ‘Float’ to 64 bits for the digital processing, DSP, and the Float back to 16 bits. Also, the star would be blue, not green.

This is normal. You’re not using Roon DSP volume. You’re using Lumin volume.

Lumin M1 uses digital amplification technology, so the volume is digital. Please do not be concerned with the color of the dot.

Thanks a lot for the lightning-fast answer!
I have also realized that the previous Lumin firmware introduced
“Leedh Processing Volume Control”. If it is ON, the dsp volume appears with the green light,
if it is OFF, everything is purple again!
Thank you again!
By the way, with my basic M1 is it worth to switch Leedh ON?

You have got two volume control algorithms on M1 - Leedh Processing Volume and TI chip algorithm (with Leedh OFF). Please try to see which sounds better to you.

Most users (using other Lumin models) who did A/B comparison favored Leedh Processing Volume.

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Thank you! I will definitely try!

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