Group zones button?

Hei, i cannot find the “group zones” button anymore.
I used it some days ago, it was there (under the volume menu, if i’m not wrong, or under the devices menu…).
Where is it?
Same problem on my win10 client, and on the android client.

click on the device icon

it used to be there.
not anymore.
Screenshot - 08_07_2022 , 15_56_57


Have you got enough zones running that can be grouped? If the same sort I mean.

… i guess so. i’ve a dietpi and another squeezebox (not active in the previous screenshot). if i switch on the dietpi:
Screenshot - 08_07_2022 , 16_02_48

i can trasfer the stream to the diet, but not group.

DietPi is usually a RAAT zone. You can’t group a RAAT zone with a squeezbox (zone).
The reason you don’t see the option to group zones is that you (currently) don’t have any zones that are eligible for grouping – Roon has a habit to not display useless/pointless options.

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Thanks @BlackJack for the clarification (even though i don’t know anything about RAAT zone a squeezebox zones)
Is this limitation only for DietPi or also for any other raspberry client? i mean, could passing to Ropiee or any other distro change the situatoin? or is the limit due to the squeezebox that cannot be grouped to other clients?

You can only group zones of the same type (streaming protocol in use) if at all. Please read also Roon’s documentation:

Rather than Roon bridge which you are using now on the pi you could install squeezelite instead. This would then identify as another squeezebox to Roon and enable grouping with your touch.

Roon has its own streaming protocol called RAAT. Any RoonReady device, Roon bridge or DAC connected to the core or any version of Roon uses this. Roon also supports other eco systems that each have their own protocols. You can’t mix them together as a group as they all work very differently to maintain sync and have different clocking. It would all be a mess. Therefore only devices using the same protocol can be grouped.

thanks @CrystalGipsy. good suggestion.
i had previously installed dietpi because i used it remotely (via zerotier). now i’ve moved it at home, where i use a couple of squeezeboxes, so … the squeezelite option could work.
i wonder if the squeezebox community is still alive…

It is very much a live.