Grouped zone DSP?

I’ve got 3 Sonos speakers that I use via Wi-Fi, and I’m attached to that “feature,” because I move them around the house day-to-day according to what I’m doing (and according to which members of the family don’t want to hear what I’m listening to).

I find that I can apply DSP filters to one speaker at a time and it works as one would expect, but that when I group the speakers in any combination, the DSP goes completely away (though it still appears in the Roon interface). The effect I’m using is a pretty severe EQ chop, so there’s no chance that it’s still getting delivered to any of the 3 endpoints and I’m just not perceiving it.

Wondering why I’d see this effect. It’s not a deal breaker, and the mobility of the speakers is more important to me than the DSP effects, so if it’s a question of network throughput, I can live with that response.

See the Knowledge Base:

Only full Roon Ready using RAAT endpoints can have DSP applied when grouped.

Thanks! Well, there’s the answer.

I believe this is a result of the architecture of DSP: It is tied to the endpoint.

I would think there are two possible solutions to your issue (that Roon would have to implement):

Simpler: Have the ability to save DSP profiles, then call them into action per endpoint - You’d have a “SONOS One Eq” say and you would attach that to each of the endpoints (and it would be respected when grouping).

The simpler solution might be unworkable as it would have to include the possibility of different DSPs per endpoint in the group, and those DSPs might cause delays that make syncing the endpoints impossible.

More complex but better: Allow for overall DSP applied prior to the routing to an endpoint. I presume this is a bit of an architectural change to Roon, but of course I don’t know (frankly this would and should have been front and center in the DSP design from the start, but whatever…)

BTW, the solution to your ask is technically very similar to the ask below:

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