Grouping artists and/ or albums into user defined categories

Wondering whether Roon will accommodate grouping certain artists and/or albums into custom user defined groupings e.g. user defines Guitar Virtuoso as a grouping and then adds all guitarists they consider should be in that grouping. User can then browse Guitar Virtuoso and voila, that subset of artists and their albums appear.

If you extend this to enable a category to become a member of another category (or categories) you can do things like browse category ‘Stringed Instruments’ and be presented with guitarists, violinists, cellists etc.

Could make for a very neat way of allowing users to browse subsets of their libraries based on categories they’ve defined.

In Roon you can tag pretty much everything. So you could Tag all artists you consider Guitar Virtuosos, and focus on them. Would that cover it?


Thanks. It covers the ability to assign an attribute to a selection of artists so you can focus on violinists, guitarists etc. as singular groupings. I’m not sure but it doesn’t appear to address browsing ‘stringed instruments’ as a grouping where violinists and guitarists are defined as members of ‘stringed instruments’. An analogy in musical genres may clarify: an album assigned ‘Chicago Blues’ is automatically a member of Blues so if a user elects to browse the Blues genre all sub-genres are automatically included in the browse, however, should they choose Chicago Blues then only that subset of the Blues genre is visible in the browse.

I’ve actually had on my todo list for a while to do groupings of roles for credits. It’s a bit down the list however…