Grouping Endpoints

I understand that I can group endpoints (of the same type) together in Roon, which is great.

However, why can’t I see any of those grouped endpoints if I wanted to “split” the group and start playing something through one of the previously grouped endpoints?

I know I can edit the group and remove the endpoint I wish to send something different to, but then I have to re-create the complete group the next time.

I feel I may not have worded this very well, hopefully you understand the question… I guess it is to do with the lack of “persistence” of group definitions, and the fact that a grouped endpoint ceases to exist as an individual entity once a member of a group.


Various “solutions” to what you describe are proposed by the community but so far nothing implemented. When you create a group that “group” is the endpoint and the individual endpoints within the group are no longer identifiable on their own until they are removed from the group.

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Thanks @ipeverywhere

Have found the following Feature Suggestion and have voted…

Apologies, posted the wrong link previously… now corrected.

Anyone with the same requirements should vote too!