Save Grouped Zones

Grouped zones are great, we constantly group Airplay devices to flood the house with sound. The only trouble is the inconvenience of manually grouping/ungrouping and re-setting volume levelling every time.

Yes, you can leave a grouped zone set-up but you have to then ungroup to use the individual speaker (or alternatively mute the unwanted device via the volume control). While simple on paper it’s not a great work-around for casual users.

What if you could permanently save a grouped zone within the audio set-up? The grouped zone could then easily be selected among individual devices from the zone selection. This would save the trouble of manually grouping/ungrouping everytime.

Hopefully my choice of words make sense and I haven’t dug up a dead request. Also, with the addition of Sonos & Blusound devices I hope this feature has even more reason to exist.


I believe a grouped zone manager has been discussed before; but it has been awhile.


+1 for saving zone groups and being able to stream to the individual endpoints without having to un-group. (Like Chromecast groups)


+2 for this feature. I will typically listen to music in my own room while working during the day, but later will want to have several rooms filled with music. That I can do, of course, but each time I need to adjust the relative volumes going to each room. A bit of a “pain.”
In fact, it would be even better to be able to “transfer” what I’m listening to in one room not just to another room but to an entire group of rooms of which the original room (from which the transfer is being made) is also a part.


Another thumbs up for this feature. Would love to be able to save Grouped Zones and then switch in to them when needed, which would save me having to add another Zone manually.


I would love to see this feature added.

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A big +1 Every time I group two devices I need to set leveling and crossfade settings. Not ideal.

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Me too. I think it’ll be great having a simple way to save and keep a zone group living together with its separated devices. I use it to group my stereo dac and my bdplayer in one single zone in order to play multichannel music. It works very well freeing me from a new rig (preamp) in my system just to put things together.

+1 for this. However, a much simpler change that would at least save some time (and avoid confusing other household members) is if, when combining zones with the same volume levelling and crossfade settings, these settings were transferred to the grouped zone.

+1, always been on my wish list.

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+1, I just started using grouped zones and feel this is missing

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Yes, especially useful if not part of the library backup and restore so that audio and zone settings can be more easily restored after a library backup restoration. I keep two different locations in synch and have to manual,y restore audio settings after syncing.

I would love to see this feature, I often switch between a few common group configurations for various functions, would love to be able to store settings such as volume leveling for those groups so that I don’t constantly have to go through the same reconfiguration steps over and over again

@Rugby Do you have any information about where this feature request lies within the Roon product backlog? Or better yet, does Roon make its backlog visible to customers?

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Hi Keith, I am not a Roon employee and do not have any special inside information about the status of various feature requests. And Roon devs do not give timelines usually.

+1 here as well. We’ve got Sonos speakers in the master bedroom & bathroom. Nice to group them into a zone, but not so nice that I can’t use individual speakers without breaking the zone. :frowning:

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+1 also. I would like to be able to play my two zones either individually or as one without having to group/ungroup every time.

+1 here too - in my case Airplay devices.


Related: I suggest the library backup and the backup of the audio zones be separate. If you look at the forums, you’ll see quite a few people maintain parallel Roon installations at two or more locations. They maintain the same music collection. But it’s often different hardware on the end-point side.

Backing up at the primary location and the restoring at the second location works to maintain identical libraries. But that also erases the endpoint/audio configurations, DSP (my assumption, don’t use it much), etc. at the second location, and everything has to be reconfigured.

If backup ONLY addressed the library, OR there were saved zone configurations that were not overwritten with this process, that would solve the issue.

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Though it might create other issues with parallel running… :wink: