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Hi. Using Roon on Osx. Things have been going great in importing my music collection until one particular multidisc set. The Alban Berg Collection is titled in my set as Alban Berg [disc 1]…Alban Berg [disc 8] each with its own cover. Several of the discs are compilations of artists. Roon is grouping the them all into three sets with the collection disc 5 cover. I have set it to use the alburm art etc… but no success. Itunes shows them as separate albums. Advice much appreciated.

Deleted the albums from the collective set but had to manually add the graphic from each folder for the cover. Each album still says “Alban Berg Collection” instead of “Alban Berg Collection Disc 1 etc…” Baffled and confused.

Jorge, it is not 100% clear to me how you want these albums to appear in Roon. Do you want 8 individual albums or 1 set with 8 discs? If you want 8 individual discs, look at each album in a tag program and make sure that you remove any tag indicating that the disc is part of a multi disc set, e.g. 1 of 8, 2 of 8… etc. Also, make sure that Roon indicates that the discs are “unidentified.” Warning: this may take several iterations to get everything the way you want.

Better multi-disc set management in Roon seems to be one of the most requested but not yet implemented features.

There seems to be no consistency in how Roon does what it does with sets, therefore there is no standard fix.

Hi Robert, thanks for the response. I want them separate. I have gotten that to happen by removing from the main collection that Roon put together. However, I had to manually add the album art from each folder. Despite the fact that I have told it to use the file tag info and not roon info it still lists the collective name rather than the album name in each tag.

Would it be possible to post a screen shot of what it looks like in Roon? What tagging software are you using? Maybe a screen shot of an album from your tagging software? I had a case like this and finally had to rename each album and each folder that contained the album, it drove me nuts. I had to make it so Roon had no idea what the albums were, LOL. Never did figure out where it was getting the info from.

Not any more unfortunately since I fixed it manually. Let me try to explain. It is an 8 disk boxed set. The title of each disk is Title [1], Title [2] etc… When I first looked there were three entires with the covers for Title [1], Title [5] and Title [7]. The Title [5] cover had disks 2-6 and 8. I went to the Title [5] disk and removed 2-4 and 6 and 8. There were now 8 disks shown separately in Roon but 2-4,6 and 8 still had the Title [5] cover. I had to manually load the covers. All of them still show Title as a name rather than Title [1] Title [2] etc… Like I said, I fixed it manually but I still can’t get the album title to show correctly even though roon now recognizes 8 separate discs each with its own cover.

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