Grouping Speakers (Bluesound / KEF)


Technical luddite here… apologies in advance…

I’m toying with purchasing a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers to add to my existing system. It is my intention to place one pair of these on a bookshelf on one end of a rectangular 16’ x 15’ room. On the other side of the same room, approximately 15 feet away, I’m thinking I’d wall mount my pair of Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i’s.

Question: can these KEF units group in Roon with the Bluesound units to create a single zone/endpoint?

Thanks in advance for any and all info.


@Kev, short answer is yes, per @xxx’s reference. All devices that are grouped must be similar (all-AirPlay, all-Chromecast, all-Roon RAAT, etc.). Both the LS50WII and Bluesound devices are fully Roon Ready using RAAT so they can be grouped together.

Thanks kindly, xxx and Robert_F! Much appreciated!

Maybe I haven’t figured it out yet but is there a way to have an all speakers group that could be selected as an option along with having each speaker show up as well? This way you wouldn’t have to ungroup the all speakers group to pick individual speakers.

Unfortunately Roon does not allow control of devices if they are part of a group, it’s either in the group and controlled by the group, or it is not available unless removed from the group. A bit unwieldy, not sure if Roon has plans to change this anytime soon.