Grouping tracks into one work - an amusing failure

I have an old BBC Music Magazine (Vol V, No. 4) that contains a performance of Bach’s Magnificat. The first two parts are grouped together as comprising “Magnificat in D major, BWV 243”. So are the fourth though last parts, comprising a second identically named work. Part 3 presents as a distinct work, "Magnificat in D major, BWV 243: III. Choral interpolation “Von Himmel hoch”. Of course, I want one work with 16 parts. The metadata in my files is correct, all tracks having the same prefix. But the metadata being displayed comes from Roon and the album identification process.

If I intervene and change, in Roon, the one track’s metadata to, say, “…BWV 243: III. Chorus”, I get a single work with 16 parts. So here’s the kicker: I can change the word “Chorus” to any phrase I want, say "Choral Interpolation “Make my Day”, and I get a single work with 16 parts. That is, unless that phrase contains “Himmel”. (or “himmel”). “bimmel” is ok, as is “*immel”. Just not “himmel”

I can only marvel at how hard the metadata business is and I’m glad I don’t have to solve the world’s metadata problems.

This post should have been entitled “For Himmel’s Sake”