GUI for roon extensions multilingual PLEASE

Hi Roon Guys,
I use RoonApiSettings to build the GUI layout of my extension.

If I presses the “Settings” button in a Roon client’s GUI, a callback “get_settings” is fired to my extension. This is done once for each press on “Settings” whatever client I use.

Now the clients have a language setting, which I hope is reflected back to the roon core so he knows which client is configured in which language.

Here my request:
I like to get this language information as an additional parameter in the “get_settings” callback so I can return the dialog of my extension in the correct language for the requesting client. I guess it shouldn’t be a big deal if roon core knows about the GUI’s language setting.

PLEASE :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: PLEASE make that happen!