Guide to choosing pictures for best results?

While some pictures in 1.6 look great, some do not. Many of the pictures I use are ones I added.

It occurs to me that when looking for a picture to use there must be some guideline to choosing one that will give the best results, ie what resolution, aspect ratio, or other aspects will give the best results when displayed in Roon?

Suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. I didn’t see that in my search.

On a related note, does anyone know how I can see the image/resolution of an image when using an iPad mini/Safari before copying it and pasting it in Roon (once I put it in Roon it shows the size)?

I search for an image in Images in safari, then when you select an image the image size is displayed.

Hmm…I’m not seeing the image size in Safari (iPad mini or iPhone 6s) when I select an image. I only see the size when I add iit to Roon. :frowning:

Here is one I used earlier

Ah, so the image size is being given by the DuckDuckGo search engine, not the Safari web browser…

I get the same with Windows also. I have set up duck duck go on my iPad as a preference for the search engine.

Ah, I’ll give that search engine a try.

Thanks. :grinning:

Google is the same - hover over an image and it shows the resolution (I was hovered over the second picture in, top row when I took the screenshot) - it is not DuckDuckGo or Safari specific.

That doesn’t work on my iPad or iPhone. Perhaps you only get that info when using a laptop or desktop computer.

Are you looking in Images as opposed to a normal search?

This was from a desktop, you are indeed correct that it doesn’t provide this info on a ipad. I had missed the part of your OP that said you were using an ipad/phone to perform the searches :slight_smile:

Yes. Here’s what I see

The DuckDuckGo search engine worked pretty well.

On a side note, searching for good pics can be a challenge. It really highlights the dilema Roon has choosing/finding pics that work well.

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