Guide to edit multi-disc set that Roon is only partially recognizing

I just starting ripping Part 1 of “How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, 3rd Ed”. This is a 48 cd compilation of audio lectures in 6 parts . Each part contains 6 cd’s. Each cd has 9 tracks and is titled similar to this "Part 1 Disc 1 Lecture 1 Title of specific lecture (Tracks 1-9)…Part 1 Disc 2 Lecture 2 Title of specific lecture (Tracks 1-9)

The database is wrecking havoc with the order of each lecture. Does anyone know of specific methods to edit this in a simple manner? I’m new to manually editing in Roon and finding it quite daunting to figure out a good systematic approach before I attempt to import Part 2…etc

Have a read of this KB article - it sounds as though you need to ensure you follow the folder naming recommendations for boxsets.

Thanks for the link to the KB article.

Is there any way of naming each disc within a set?? An example I came across this morning is Ana Popovic;s Trilogy 3 CD set. Disc one is titled Morning, disc 2 is Mid-Day, and disc three is Midnight. It would be nice to edit the labels “Disc 1” to “Morning”, “Disc 2” to “Mid-Day” and “Disc 3” to “Midnight”. It would also be great for various “Complete Studio Album” collections by Carly Simon, the Doobie Brothers, etc.

Not within Roon, Custom Tags in other editors work but Roon ignores them

The best you get is a set of bare hyperlinks Disc 1 etc, try Mozart 255 with 200 discs …

This is a very long standing feature request

I use an alternative player for my big boxes where I can define Disc names and Disc volumes

Probably the weakest link in Roon

Correction - there is a very very long standing feature request :smiley:

Thanks, I thought that was the case, but was hoping I missed something. And, to a somewhat educated layman like me, it does not seem as if it should really take that much to get this feature added.

Te Roon Architecture is not really known to show whether it would be easy or not just “slot in” to be honest but Roon as we know has limited resources and a BIG list of feature requests from a quite diverse (and large) user base.

Its not surprising this feature hasn’t made the cut. Looking most recent big additions like Valence etc and the whole Discovery accent of Roon , New Releases etc it also less like to fit into their way of thinking for the future of Roon.

For Classical music I simply had to change the way I got to things I wanted , Bookmarks, Tags the Composition Browser etc not ideal but in the current Roon its the only way or quit Roon ?

Sad BUT …

A too long list of ignored feature requests to be healthy in my opinion. Many of these features should have been in Roon already, by Roon’s own design without the need for feature requests from the community. If JRiver had a proper equivalent to RAAT I think many would go back there.

I am lucky, at my age my hearing is shot and I can’t tell RAAT from DLNA , that’s why I use JRiver for my big boxes . I am in if for music these days not HiFi

It makes me wonder sometimes why I bother ???

As long as DLNA works it’s OK. I have used JRiver earlier. Still have JR20 installed, but I haven’t used it since I bought Roon.

I still need it for video plus my Samsung sound bar, i have never had problems with DLNA

Then consider yourself lucky :slightly_smiling_face: My experience of DLNA was that it was always plug and pray, rather than plug and play.

I have used JRiver media server for nearly 10 years now, with the Renderer varying from 2 different laptops , Mede8er 800 & 1000 and direct to an Onkyo receiver finally a CXN and a MyGica 1960 and latterly a RPi with Roipeee XL and never had a blip.

If it wasn’t for reading about it here I wouldn’t even know there were issues

Guess I am just lucky , or am I?

You’re either lucky, or I’m unlucky - here’s just one episode in a long running saga that finally ended when I discovered Roon:

Sounds awful…

I decided to go digital , looked around a bit, I had a iPod nano so iTunes seemed obvious, I hated it

Then I found JRiver , ripped my CDs to flac and , I must be lucky, have never had a blip

I saw Roon and started 3 yrs back, the two systems are very different, I can’t decide so I use both. My video is Netflix and local via JRiver