Guide to edit multi-disc set that Roon is only partially recognizing

I just starting ripping Part 1 of “How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, 3rd Ed”. This is a 48 cd compilation of audio lectures in 6 parts . Each part contains 6 cd’s. Each cd has 9 tracks and is titled similar to this "Part 1 Disc 1 Lecture 1 Title of specific lecture (Tracks 1-9)…Part 1 Disc 2 Lecture 2 Title of specific lecture (Tracks 1-9)

The database is wrecking havoc with the order of each lecture. Does anyone know of specific methods to edit this in a simple manner? I’m new to manually editing in Roon and finding it quite daunting to figure out a good systematic approach before I attempt to import Part 2…etc

Have a read of this KB article - it sounds as though you need to ensure you follow the folder naming recommendations for boxsets.

Thanks for the link to the KB article.