Gzip: unexpected end of file (when installing ROCK)


I’m getting an error “gzip: unexpected end of file” when installing ROCK on y new NUC.

Best I can tell I followed the steps exactly and tried it several times. The NUC is i3 10th gen with the other recommended RAM and Hard Drive from ROON.

Any thoughts?



Hi Jon not 100% sure but it that can mean that the file that you wrote to the usb stick did not complete writing properly. Did your make sure it completed downloading before you wrote it out to usb. I would suggest trying to download it again and writing the Disk out again.

Hi Michael,

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, lol Did all those things, using Etcher to flash the USB and it finishes validating and un-mounts the usb when done.

The ROCK install steps all start off fine, I answer the 3 questions then it tries to do the job and boom that error comes up.

Have you tried installing a regular Linux (debian, ubuntu server, etc.) on this machine? Might be worth a try. Might give you more details to identify whats going on.

Also, please provide full info on your NuC. Model, processor, RAM model, drive, etc.

I have not, I will give it a shot, never done it before so should be educational

Hi Jon you would be surprised by the number of people that have done that.

So the error us usually an extraction error, I don’t know if Room is pulling something down from the Internet and that is in a GZip format.

Though I just noticed that the error that it failed to write the MBR, which might be besides the point.

I assume you have legacy boot mode set ?


That looks like corrupt flashing or corrupt usb stick.

Nope, nothing pulled at install time.

Irrelevant at this point in the process

Turned out to be a bad USB stick apparently. Was fumbling around trying to install LINUX last night and couldn’t get it to work, but wasn’t confident tin what I was doing.

Tried different USB stick today and it all worked like a charm, so I’m up and running and the music sounds 10x better! :wink:

What a shame, had it not been for a bad USB stick I would have had it all up and running in less than 1/2 hour from when I got NUC in mail. Super happy to have this up and running now though!!!

Thanks for help all!


Great news Jon and glad to hear that

Was kdding above about 10x better, but honestly I may notice an improvement in sound quality. Could be placebo affect or just in good mood though

10X in comparison to what though?
I felt like there was a huge improvement when I moved from my Synology core to a Nuc.
Not really 10x but given that it was skipping tracks before and sometimes only playing half a track as well. It was a revelation to have a reliable music playing all day so it felt like it might have been

Annoying how this is almost always the case :frowning:

We like Etcher because it’s cross-platform and performs a verification, but clearly, that isn’t enough sometimes.

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