Handle Tidal unavailable tracks

I have a problem where Roon suggests tracks in Shuffle that turn out to be Unavailable in Roon. This then wipes out my whole Queue. This often negates a lot of effort. And happens a few times per week. A lot of tracks are unavailable – for instance before an album is actually released.
It would be great to handle these Unavailable tracks.
I can think of 3 ways to improve things.
Firstly, do not add tracks to Shuffle if unavailable in Tidal
If that is not possible, then show the track is unavailable in the Shuffle window so I don’t add the track to the Queue. When I look at the album, the track displays as unavailable, so that field is available to Roon.
If an unavailable track does get through, then just skip that track rather than the whole queue.
I have only just subscribed to Qobuz, so maybe something similar is needed there as well. Not yet sure.
Yours hopefully
Stuart Dudman

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If I have an unavailable track it doesn’t skip the whole queue just the track(s). Sounds like you have another issue.