Handling of Big Sets

I know this has been discussed before but I haven’t found a definitive answer, so I thought I’d ask around. Where do we currently stand with the handling of Big Sets in Roon?

For example, the 240 CD set of Herbert von Karajan’s Complete Recordings on DG (Release group “Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon” by Herbert von Karajan - MusicBrainz) is unidentified by Roon. When trying to identify, you get only the metadata of the discs of the first volume only.

I’d surely appreciate it if someone from Roon could provide some feedback on any progress made in the handling of large sets or if there are any workarounds to make Roon identify those sets.

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I typed the info below before I realized you may just be looking for a progress update from Roon.
So apologies if this is just noise but perhaps it will be useful.

I suspect that it’s because the entries on MusicBrainz are for the individual volumes.
I didn’t see a 240 disc version.
Roon gets its metadata from MusicBrainz and, I think, another service I can’t remember.
So if those services don’t have the correct metadata neither will Roon.
If you’re feeling charitable you could create the Metabrainz entry for this yourself.

Or perhaps you could follow the link below and set up this Set as individual volumes - If you haven’t already.

Another factor for identification of multi disc sets is the folder structure/metadata of your local files.

My folder and file structure resemble as closely as possible the way the box set is setup in MusicBrainz as well. A central folder with the Box Set name, with 10 subfolders (one for each volume) and under each subfolder, the disc folders containing the music tracks.

I don’t know if Roon expects to find a different structure but since it looks up metadata from MusicBrainz, this should work…

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What would happen if you removed the top level folder and had each volume as you would if they were separate albums?

Not ideal and you shouldn’t have to do this but I wonder if Roon would then recognize the individual volumes?
I have many box sets and this is how I set up the folders sometimes as there are some box sets that I’d prefer to display as individual albums.

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I may try this out of curiosity and it certainly would be an improvement within the Roon UI but this will wreak havoc on the folder level. If I were to do this for all unidentified box sets in classical music it would create a mess and I would be solving a problem by creating another one at the same time.

I really think the guys from Roon need to provide us with some feedback and whether there are improvements to be expected in this area in the foreseeable future.


This collection of 240 CD (+ 2 ‘bonus’ CD) comes as 10 boxes, each with a differing number of CD. I would organize the files just like that—i.e., ten folders ‘Box 1’ to ‘Box 10’, and under each Box the corresponding CD folders.

I would then use the free Musicbrainz Picard tagger to tag the files for each of the ten Box sets, using the Musicbrainz metadata.

Roon will then identify the ten box sets separately, instead of one very unwieldy 240-CD set.


The OP has already said that he has this box-set organised in 10 sub-boxes as MusicBrainz. I do not have this Karajan set but I have the Mozart-225 and I can confirm that roon will identify the various sub-boxes. I also had that organised hierarchically as sub-boxes in a single folder and this was not an issue for roon.

However, a note of caution. Some of us with large identified box-sets were getting extreme delays in general searches unrelated to the box-sets. I had to remove my Mozart-225 from my local library and now use the Qobuz version instead. There has beeen a lot of work by roon in the background improving search performance but I do not know if this dependency on large locally stored box-sets has been addressed.

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If you set the album name to the split box names Roon IDs the set as a collection of 10 boxes

Leaving as a 240 set box may be the issue

Add to that searching a 240 cd set will be painful, 40 cd etc much less so

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I followed the advice the majority here proposed and it worked, albeit with a lot of tinkering. On top of removing the main folder, I also had to alter the metadata on all the files, change the album name to reflect the box name instead of the overall collection and also change the disc number totals to reflect that of the set instead of the overall 240 total CD collection.

Although it works, it requires a hell of a lot of work, which I feel could easily be spared if there is an option to point to a specific UID or the exact page on MusiBrainz that we wish Roon to get info for. Food for thought…

Anyway, thanks to all that helped me out!

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Another source of problem is at the time of ripping Boxset, some materials released before, some or specially arranged for the boxset to filling the disc playing time, which will not properly recognized by ripping program, and recording companies not really keen on updating the metadata to the metadata providers/data sources, the community uploaded data are not consistent across all the discs, especially some appeared in other boxset form (complete sonatas etc….) even Vinyl releases but sometimes life is hard you have to accept it better leaving all fields blank and enter manually, but harder time will be follow and haunted you back.

Even you put all the ripped files orderly in folder structure of individual disc, after imported into Roon, Roon will recognized in all possible form, individual older releases, older boxset, unidentified for sure, other some singled out disc with alone track need to merge manually into parent disc, some even merged into alternative version of your existing recordings and hidden under the preferred version, but never as a whole set.

When you try gathering all disc together in same screen (you have to use tag to help out, as Roon will not support folder structure for browsing or focusing you discs in focus, only the main storage locations) to start merging, and even records companies provided metadata for the boxset, you will find your old ripping of such odd disc (first time releases in CD, bonus materials, unidentified by Roon for sure) always treated as singled disc as disc 1 of 1, but the disc is actually 20s/30s even 100s disc of the boxset, you hardly can manage to manually move 32 tracks like Goldberg variations from top or bottom of the list up or down to fit into right disc right order in that recognition screen that contains few hundred tracks, renumber the disc numbering Roon is not good enough, for longer term you have to edit the embedded metadata as well just in case Roon database crashed and you have to starting over again as Roon edit will not update the metadata.

In short, importing boxset is never a pleasure job, such job takes one or two night for one boxset, or I will avoid to rip them, or wait a year or two, until the boxset metadata is available and complete.

This Chopin Concertos disc is from disc 25 of Philips Analogue Years, specially putting two vinyls containing each concerto into single CD without pieces, so I leave it alone, not to edit them into boxset as it’s even harder to locate and search it under the current boxset management for large boxset of compilations of different artists, mixed music forms (solo, orchestral, vocals) into single boxset. I can only accept editing boxset of same sort (Complete symphonies, keyboards works, Chamber Music) under Roon environment.

Roon is NOT a Metadata editor and never will be use 3rd arty external app.

best advice is leave a box set alone

Set the album name to the box name , disc # to set album no . Roon in most cases will Id

Unless a box is ALL previously released albums as is, splitting is a recipe for frustration

Sorry bit garbled, o my phone …

As mentioned, this issue has been raised multiple times over the years and has caused a lot of problems. Various requests have been made for Roon to be able to manage box sets - for example, having a main page for the box set, with the appropriate box set artwork, and having individual entries for the items contained within, also with their own artwork.


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