Handling of mp3 tags differs (Roon Server Windows vs, Roon Server Linux64)

There are 2 different Roon-Server installations:

  • RoonServer Linux 64 (manually, Package 20220216) on a Synology 720+; DSM 7.1; Regional Options: German
  • RoonServer Windows (Windows 10); German

Following differences are found by scanning MP3-Files:

    Value: 09.11.2022 (Windows: 9th November 2022 / Linux: 11th Septmeber 2022)
    Value: 2022-11-09 (Linux: 9th November 2022)

  • Tag YEAR
    Value: 2022 (Windows: 2022 / Linux: not used - instead same value as ORIGINALRELEASEDATE)

    VAlue: 2022 (Windows: not needed / Linux: 2022 - this tag is used bit not YEAR)

On both systems ORIGYEAR is not recognized.

So my question: Is there really a different behaviour for managing tags in dependecy of the roon server platform?

Thx a lot,