Handling of PDFs

First let me say that the ability to access PDFs is a fantastic feature. In order for the listening environment to be more immersive, integrated, any chance of native pdf display support being added at some point? (I.e., pdf pages display within the app environment like album art). Minor nit, but going to an external app is a bit jarring to the overall experience. I’ll hang up and listen…

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    You should really consider adding an integrated PDF reader. I guess that most of us use the app mainly with downloaded Hi-Res files, which usually come with liner notes. And, as Dajokr says here, getting out of Roon to read them in Acrobat is kind of a turn-off.

Please add the opportunity to open the digital booklet (pdf) in the iPad not in safari, but in the Roon remote application itself, as for example the Qobuz application on the iPad does.

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