Handling offline servers gracefully

My music is stored on a Linux based server, Roon and Roonserver are running on a Win machine on the network . I made some config changes and rebooted the Linux server without first shutting down Roon or Roon server (knowing full well that whilst everything has dynamically assigned IP’s the Linux server would reappear with the same IP as before given the DHCP server had not been rebooted and the IP lease had not expired). Roon subsequently reported the album I was playing as having been deleted and reran a scan of the network share configured as a watched folder when the Linux server had rebooted.

In scenarios such as this (and situations where a network device obtains a new IP) would it not be more elegant for Roon to prompt the user for action - point me to another place on the network or just maintain the current state till Roon is asked by the user to poll the network?