Hang Loose Convolver multichannel edition

Hang Loose Convolver multichannel version is now available for download at https://accuratesound.ca (Windows and Mac), which includes an updated Operations Guide.

New features:

HLC implements the industry standard convolver “config” file specification: http://convolver.sourceforge.net/config.html

  • input and output delays with 0.1ms resolution.
  • input and output channel weights
  • summing input channels to a single output path - typically used for crosstalk cancellation filters.
  • both absolute and relative file paths to the filters are supported.
  • If the host sample rate changes, HLC will look for a matching .cfg filter to load automatically.

Updated features:

  • AutoGain algorithm has been improved to provide better level matching between filters.
  • Instant filter switching has been improved to provide glitch free operation regardless if the filters are minimum phase, mixed phase or linear phase, including filters with excess phase correction.
  • Editing of dB gain values directly for the filter gain slider and master trim control.

Hang Loose Convolver - A Listening Demonstration demonstrates how to configure Hang Loose Convolver for 2, 4, 6, and 7.1.4 channel sound. The listening demonstration provides audible examples of instantly switching level-matched FIR filters regardless if they are minimum phase, mixed phase or linear phase filters with added excess phase.

The listening demonstration is designed to start off easy switching between filters that clearly have audible tonal differences and progressively getting harder to hear differences when comparing filters where only timing differences are made.

The intent is to be educational in training one’s ears to hear filter differences, whether frequency and/or timing response related.


Ok, do people realise what can be done with this software?

You can finally give Roon the option of VST plugins using HLHost.
I have set it up on my windows pc running Roon. I use VB Audio Matrix for routing. I can use HQPlayer at the end of the chain as well for upsampling/dsd.

I have an active setup so use HLConvolver for 6 channel output.

What you can do here is amazing. Think Dirac, UBACCH etc.
Very nice plugins from HAF - Room shaper and xtalk shaper.

For a bit of fun I have been trying a tube emulator on my solid state setup. Waves is a great source of plugins, creating the Pultech punch added a lot to kick drums.

Here is an example of what you can add at very little cost!



Thanks @Audiogeek much appreciated!

Yes, HLHost is an easy way to add VST3 and AU plugins to Roon. Use a virtual audio loopback driver like VB-Cable on Windows or BlackHole on Mac to take the output of Roon and route the audio into HLHost through the plugins and out to your DAC:


Just realised I linked an add for BB Tubes, rather than a demo.

Try this as an example of extra functionality for Roon