Hangout in NYC -- TONIGHT Nov 10 2017

Going to try out something new here in the “Music” category – maybe we need a new “locals” section here…

@mike and I and a few others were going to a Boys Noize show tonight in Gowanus… 10pm - 4am.

This is his latest album… It’s like a cross between fatboyslim and swedish house mafia

Interested? It’s going to be cold tonight, and the show is not sold out

We were thinking about drinks + and maybe a bite before…


If I was in NYC right now I’d be joining you. Alas the English countryside is where I’m at. Enjoy!

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Dude! A bit Last Minute! Sadly, I can’t make it up to NYC tonight.

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I know I know… it’s how I roll… Mike and 2 others have had a month+ notice… but I msg’d like 10 friends just today… Spontaneous!

Some of the Roon team head out together once in a while in NYC. We’ll let you know in advance next time.

I’d join if it was closer! :slight_smile:
Have fun! :musical_note:

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I’m 4 hours away - not quite close enough, but up for some live experimentation. Hope it was a good night out!

Enjoy - NYC is one my favourite cities, incredible energy and food/ wine -there in a couple of weeks

He went on so late… 2am-4am… but it was fun anyway. Being woken up at 7:30am by a 2 year old, not so much fun. But I still did better than @mike who drank what I’m sure was half a bottle of Bulleit bourbon.

(Mike taking photo, I’m the wise one in the foreground with a water bottle up against his chest)

Anyway, next time…


I don’t remember it that way :roll_eyes:


Setting up a new “locals” section seems like a plan. I’m in the city and would be down to hang for sure with a bit of a heads up. Glad that you enjoyed the night!

Would LOVE to get in on a locals section/list/imaginary friend thing for NYC. Totally missed this when you sent (not that I’dve been able to hang until 2. Kudos to you though…