Happy new year 2019

(String ) #1

I Wish Roon and All Roon Community Fellowship a Great and Interesting New Year.

Love & Respect


(Daniel Beyer) #2

Happy New Year!

(Ged) #3

Happy New Year but a little premature in this locality…

What are we listening to [2019]
(Daniel Beyer) #4

OH certainly in mine as well, 7.5 hours to go actually. But, as they say, “Its always Happy Hour somewhere in the world.” :smiley:


Happy New Year (past, present, future) …

Another 3.5 hours to go for me … I’ll be watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny as the chimes of Big Ben ring in new year.

(John B) #6

May we all have at least one less problem in 2019 and at least one more joy.

Happy new year, one and all from Ireland :ireland: :shamrock:


(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #7

Happy New Year to all fellow “Rooners”


Happy new year to all Rooners.

(Robert ) #9

Happy New Year :sunglasses: