Hardware Case LCD Touchscreen Support

I’m not sure that this has been brought up or not, sorry if it has. I know you all are pretty busy maybe this could be added in a future release.

I have an OrigenAE case, high-end HTPC case with a touchscreen, basically it can display ASCII text, or replicate what you would see on a regular computer monitor. I know a few high end DACs and music servers have built in screens that controls their displays. One of them is Embla by Bladelius. Does Roon have any plans to integrate hardwired touchscreens, ie. LCD displays? For example, It could display song metadata, forward reverse pause buttons, an equalizer, and display album art. It would be really cool if it could somehow integrate the focus feature into a UI that would work with a screen. Just think of how awesome it would look on an OrigenAE S21T, 10" motorized touchscreen.

Have you tried running the display in mirrored mode?
Roon UI is similar across devices and touchscreen friendly.

Not sure a second screen approach would add that much, as you’d loose functionality.

Haven’t had a chance to check the mobile versions, my phone and tablet won’t install it for some reason.