Hardware End Points Supported by Roon

We really want to release RoonSpeakers app for Android. Old phones, your Amazon device, etc… all could be good streaming devices.

Look for it sometime this year.

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@danny Would RoonSpeakers be a great way to use my iPhone 3GS and i80 dock to get Roon into my F80?

I am not super familiar with the i80, but I’m guessing it sounds better than the headphone jack. A software iOS RoonSpeakers app could pull that off – but no volume control on the F80 :frowning:

Meridian never did good volume controls for it. I loved that product, but lack of control made it a weirdo transient device for me.

Yeah, possibly clutching at straws here…

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Astell & Kern makes portable devices, but they also have a streaming mode. Very useful: I have loaded my favorite music on the AK240 (384 GB of storage) for mobile use, but when I’m at home I can access the entire library over wifi. But it has a conventional artist/album/track user interface. Would benefit from Roon. A&K has a PC-based streamer, the protocol may be usable for Roon. It operates in a pull model, with the UX on the device, but protocols are protocols…

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Hello great piece of software…is the aurilac Aries on the end point list?
I am using this to stream to new Devialet Phantoms, also it would be great if room was integrated into devialets system.

@davidad - I am not with Roon but am an Aries owner and yes it is!

Aries & Roon

“I’ve had 2 by MS200 feeding into 2 off my Sonos players”

Can you elaborate a bit on this? Are you taking the mini-jack out of a MS200 (analog, I presume) & just plugging it into any Sonos ZP in your system?

Why the need for the 2nd MS200?

OH I wish! I was as their office 2 months ago in Paris, talking about integrating with their Expert line by supporting AIR natively. They were open to that, but we’ve both been very busy and it hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

When I brought up the Phantom, they flat out refused, as they want users to use their Spark app.


Direct communication with Devialets expert line would make a dream come true… Both sides could gain some happy customers, that’s for sure.

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Back to other hardware endpoints- I use Synology NAS to CH Precision C1 DAC thru its ethernet streaming renderer. How likely do you think it is that Roon would ever pick up/ see this hardware?

BTW- FANTASTIC interface. Just amazing. Obviously would love to use in place of the Synology Audio Station in their DSM as controller.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Synology supports some USB DAC’s, not sure if that helps your situation or if you’ve already tried that.


Anyone happened to know whether Boelit 12 will work as an Airplay device? From googling I haven’t been able to work out what Airplay version it is and whether it’s new enough (early 2012).

Flaky machine, or was in Spring 2012 when I set it up for my friend.

Shame. At the time of writing Spark is still very buggy, Roon+Phantom would be a match made in heaven! Hopefully some lobbying from customers will help Devialet see sense and they’ll do the right thing… :pray:

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What? No Roon support? Too bad, then I’ll have to spend my money elsewhere! There is only one Roon and lots of speakers & end points out there… :smile:


@struts – please do msg Devialet :smile:

It can only help. We’d love to do both the Expert line + Phantom

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