Hardware monitoring?

I accept what ROCK is, in terms of an optimised applicance approach to running a Roon Core and happy to have it on a NUC and let Roon manage the updates to the platform both from the OS & the Roon Server application.
However it would be useful to have some level of hardware monitoring, just to see what it going on with the NUC platform.
Either the ROCK web GUI to reflect hardware stats such as those a Linux OS provides (CPU & Memory usage, Load, I/O levels) & hardware device configuration (CPU model, installed RAM, installed Disk).
Or alternatively implement a monitoring probe, such as iStat, where the stats can be viewed on a standard reader. I have this service for all my network applications, NAS units, RaspberryPi units etc.

Thanks, Simon


+1 for the idea of implementing/displaying hardware monitoring.

I’m going to be doing a transplant of the motherboard of a NUC7i5BNH into a fanless Akasa case, and in order to check that the thermal connection between the CPU & the heatsink is OK, I reckon I’ll first have to temporarily install Windows + HWMonitor for a while.

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My NUC7i5BNH is on 24/7 and the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. I play single room and no DSP (only Volume Leveling). I have used expensive cooling paste for a better result: Cooler Master MasterGel Maker

The temperature below is from the Intel BIOS.

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