Harman Luxury Audio Group

HARMAN Luxury Audio Group

Expanding on my CES coverage this year I came across the Harman Luxury Audio Group and immediately thought about Roon and how this is going to be a good fit for Roon. After all Roon, imo, is the best in audio playback.

I can see Roon having a placement in this ad. I think maybe that because this is a “Luxury” group, this will also bode well for all of Roon’s current hardware partners because of the seamless integration that can come about with this lineup.

Any thoughts?



Hasn’t this been discussed ad nauseam since the initial announcement?

My bad then. A lot has changed since then. Sorry to have inconvenience you.



I am somewhat positive that this ad was put together before the Roon acquisition was finalized, so including it in the grouping was more than risky.


I think you are correct about.


Thanks for posting the ad and your thoughts. We can only speculate for now, but I would guess you’re right about how it will be positioned in the Harmon world.

Clearly magic (or Photoshop) is afoot - I can’t see any evidence of cables in that photo. Luxury indeed. :face_with_monocle:


Judging from the amount of alcohol on display it looks like Harmon has other priorities :joy:


I mean for roon to be luxury, they’d need to make it work better first :wink:

I’ve been a huge supporter of roon since the start and a believer that it was the best thing out there. It probs still is.

But frequent server slow downs, remote app crashes, sluggish database response, weird UI behaviour and frankly mad search tools are starting to eat away at my good faith.

It’s not quite the rock solid, stable, slick product that it could be. Perhaps Harmon will provide the people and money to improve that situation


That is a good point. I guess a matter of time will tell, hopefully this year calendar year.



Harman & JBL

I lifted this from this article;

Harman’s JBL Luxury Home Audio division unveiled the $999 L42ms all-in-one streaming audio system at the show. A downsized, less-expensive version of the recently introduced JBL L75ms TechHive reviewed in September, 2023, it features the same wood veneer and curved front featuring the company’s Quadrex foam grill.

The JBL L42ms offers a host of wired and wireless connectivity options—Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, and Airplay 2—and can function as an endpoint for the exquisite Roon streaming system (Harman acquired Roon in November, 2023). This all-in-one box plays nicely with a bunch of music services and functions well as a TV sound producer via an HDMI Arc connection. It can do some of the same smart-home party tricks as the Authentics—including controlling smart lights and shades—but it triggers them with an-onboard button programmed via the Samsung Smart Things platform.

It is not, however, compatible with the JBL One app—“at least not now,” said Gigi Guo.

Since HDMI is included. Streaming (Tidal) is Included. Roon is included. It is not a stretch to “hope for” Atmos and Roon one day. After all Nvidia Shield HDMI and Tidal offer Atmos.