Harman X-Curves presets

Hello Team,

Could you supply some presets for Harman House Curve ? For instance 20hz - 20 kHz with a -3 db slope. Would make EQ configuration easier and faster.


You may wish to check out this project… if your headphones are included in the results page, you can use the filters in Roon.

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I would actually recommend using REW to measure each listening zone and use it to generate convolution filters against a target curve that includes your desired Harman house curve.

Beyond just an “equalizer” curve… you get to “correct” each listening room… the convolution filters in Roon are one of my favorite features, as it lets Roon do the work without needing any additional software or hardware DSP devices.

This video makes it rather simple to do… Room Correction in REW with Inversion (no EQ filters) - YouTube