Harmonia Mundi: Debussy: Children's Corner - Poor Recording?

I had an email from Qobuz a few days back offering some free downloads. Amongst them was this:

I downloaded it and added it to my Library. Is it just me, or does this album have a poor recording? I’m hearing very obvious distortion on loud passages. I have played it back through several zones, and the distortion is present on all of them, which makes me suspect the recording, and not the playback path.

It’s not just you…

I just tried the Tidal version. Something horrible happening within the first minute of the first track!

Phew! Thanks!

Something odd though. Roon seems to think it’s a four disc set, while viewing it in the Tidal app it has four consecutive track ones! Qobuz lists track correctly. How do you see it in Roon?

It looks OK here (this is the Qobuz download):

That’s what I see in the Qobuz app… strange!

Can’t play it from there. No active subscription.