Harmony extension

Hi everyone i am new to this so please forgive me if this has already been covered
I have been using roon on an htpc music stored on a nas and connected to a pair of Kef LS50 wireless speakers connected to the home network via ethernet
I am just in the process of building Roon Rock on a NUC the Kef remote for the speakers is awful and i am hoping to control the volume etc by using a Logitech harmony hub and 950 remote does anyone have any experience in this situation

Hi thank you i am missing something i don’t see the answer here i have plugged in my harmony 950 remote to computer launched myharmony tried adding roon as a device also been into roon on pc settings extensions can’t see anything where you could add harmony i am obviously missing something if anyone could help or just tell me if this is going to be possible intel nuc should arrive on tuesday to set up roon rock then migrate over i had hoped i would be able to control volume skip etc not that much via the harmony 950 at the moment i control the volume of kef ls50 wireless speaker which are connected via ethernet over the home network but i would guess the remote is able to do this via infra red with the speakers themselves the Kef remote is awful

You need to install the extension first. The options are using docker image on a NAS, or via one of the console apps for e.g. Windows. Have a look here.

I’m not a techie myself but managed to get it working on my synology without too much trouble.

Good luck, and try posting any issues you encounter in the main thread for the extension to get help from the experts

Thank you for your input i quit this idea and purchased a NUC8i7BEH over the weekend and will be setting this up i believe you can NOT install Deep Harmony here so i will cross my fingers and hope Roon will at some point add this as a feature in the future