Has anyone done the math?

A lifetime subscription to Roon costs $699.99 US. If we divide that by 60 months (5 years) that equals $11.67/month.

A monthly subscription is $12.99/month vs lifetime is only $1.32 savings a month - using 5 years.

If you opt for the yearly option $12.99 - 9.99 that is obviously only $3.00/month.

Why would anyone spend almost $700 for a lifetime subscription? As fast as technology moves something far better might come along in 18 months.

Why would anyone spend $700 upfront to try and save $1-3 dollars a month for something that might become extinct in 18-24 months?

Not saying it will, but why risk the money to save $1-3 dollars over 5 years. Seems silly.


Unless you bought a lifetime in 2016, it doesn’t seem silly to me at all in 2022.



Roon doesn’t want lifetime subscribers so they make it expensive to discourage you. If people do pay then Roon will at least make some money from it (for a while anyway).


I’m glad to hear I am looking at this the right way. It just seems smart to pay pay monthly. I don’t know why anyone would pay $700. Does anyone remember MySpace? AOL?

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It seems obvious they don’t want lifetime subscribers. They make it cheaper to subscribe monthly.

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If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have this option, right? It’s a balance between a guaranteed, one-time revenue (and being locked in) and a long term periodic subscription (and having the option to cancel). Whether one is better than the other depends on each particular situation.

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It looks that way for now but if you were to buy a lifetime subscription and the monthly price jumped up you might find in 5 years that $700 was a good price. People who got in early (like myself) are now benefitting from what was then a high price (US$499 I think).


I’m not trying to create controversy.

It just seems monthly is the way to go. At $12.99/month it will take 54 months to break even - 4.5 years.

If you go the $9.99 route that’s 70 months to break even - almost 6 years.

I will take my chance with what is available 4.5 - 6 years years from now. That’s an eternity in audio and computers.

I am pretty sure there will be some pretty great alternatives at that point.


This topic has been around for a long time and Roon have said they aren’t keen on lifetime subcriptions (although they are good when first starting out) and they might/will disappear at any time.


Like you, I bought a lifetime subscription years ago when the price was lower. I’m well past the break even point now.

At today’s price, I see the OP’s point. I’d probably be less likely to buy a lifetime subscription now.


You also have to remember that montly subs is a relativeley new thing. It was only yearly or lifetime before.


That’s true. :+1:

I just did my maths, ÂŁ6.08 / month so far & diminishing with each month so my original investment proved a good one (I benefited from a $50 discount code). Roon development has never stood still so who knows what other treats are coming our way?


I very much enjoy Roon. I wish I had jumped on earlier but I didn’t. I didn’t have the hardware.


Doesn’t this assume that my or Roon’s life expectancy is another five years? I can’t say about Roon, but I plan to be around longer. Of course I could be run over by a bus tomorrow.


@anon63794049 , what is at risk? Roon now boasts well over 250,000 subscribers, and growing.

Do the math: Try dividing the Lifetime Subscription cost by the annual subscription cost (the best deal, and the one everyone should purchase): $699.99/$120.00 = 5.83 years to “break even”. No matter how you massage the numbers, the important number is “Will I use Roon for at least 5.83 years?”.

Now that’s “Has anyone done the math?” answered correctly.


That was my math when I signed up for the lifetime.


Do you want to worry about a Roon bill? Some of us just don’t like to deal with bills so lifetime it is :slight_smile:


Not sure if the monthly subscribers would be able to use the Roon software if it were to ever fold. My understanding from Danny is lifetime subscribers could still use the software, without some of the current features…


Just my 2p

I was hesitant right at the start 6 years ago because Roon’s treatment of classical music and box sets in particular was shaky and to a certain extent still is.

6 years later I am still here and paying annually. I have considered lifetime but 6-7 years is a big horizon for a 72 year old :rofl: . I pay everything else monthly/annually , rates , power , insurance , Tidal, Netflix so why not Roon. I can really see no advantage to me in Lifetime.

If Roon folds (heaven forbid) yes the lifetime license will keep on going but the back end infrastructure/metadata etc is what makes Roon what it is this I assume will fold with it .So without that the local library manager part will be a pale shadow so probably not worth using.

I am not sure anyone is close to knocking Roon of it’s pinnacle so its not “hedging my bets in case something better comes along”, Audirvana had a limp attempt but really didn’t quite hit the spot. I will continue looking around but I still use Roon 100% for music and I maintain a DLNA server (JRiver) for video and an occasional look at music. I still maintain my JRiver library to house my really big boxes (30 + discs etc) which TBH Roon fails fairly dismally at.

I also share the Annual/Monthly view of providing ongoing money to fund Roon. I upgrade JRiver annually as they produce a new versions for the same reason. The Lifetimers took the initial risk to provide the float capital, the annuals keep the lights on. A fair view I believe.

I am fully “invested” in Roon , in the last 12 months I have converted to a NUC/ROCK setup and last week purchased a headphone amp based on its Roon Ready status.

For all the moan about price , I am a pensioner in a country with a lousy/weak currency and I don’t think my R 2000 per annum is too onerous considering the value and fun Roon gives back.

Keep up the good work