Has anyone got Google Assistant working with BluOS yet?

Following the BlueOS support document (https://support.bluos.net/hc/en-us/articles/360035677894-Getting-Started-with-Google-Assistant), I’m failing at the first hurdle:

After setting up your Google Assistant onto your wireless network you will need to configure it to work with your BluOS devices. To do this, say “Hey Google, let me talk to Blue Voice” . The Google Assistant will then walk you through the setup process.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t know what “Blue Voice” is and just does the usual google search for voice commands it doesn’t understand.

Am I missing something here?

By way of an update…this issue was caused by an outage/error on Google’s end and has since been fixed.

I tried a few times but no cigar …
Has anyone got Google Assistant working with BluOS yet?

If they had Chromecast inbuilt, then you’d just need to add the device to Google Home app and then just say, ‘Ok, Google, play Spotify’. But they don’t.

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@fullmark, I fully agree with you, the way BluOS has implemented Google Assistant is not realy usable ( and totally not usable in other languages than english) it is a real downgrade comparing “consumers” brand like Sonos, Onkyo… I think you’re right it shall be caused by the fact that ChromeCast is not supported by NAD. In order to use the Google assistant normaly ( for me in French) and be compatible to the WAF (Women acceptance factor) I stream the music through the optical input from the TV, This is not optimal but at least usable by my wife. When I enjoy jazz I use Roon without Google Assistant