Has anyone tried the KEF P1 desk pads with their LSXs?

Hi All,
I’ve got a pair of LSXs on my desk in the home office and I’m wondering about desk pads or stands. The KEF P1 pads are around €150 so not a cheap option.

Anyone tried them with and without the pads, any feedback on the difference? Or any alternative suggestions?

Layout in the photo…


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I have my LSXs in the bedroom on each side of my TV (love them). Because of the distance between the speaker and the bed (and the fact that, laying in bed, the shot is pretty straight from the LSXs to me), I haven’t used the desk pads there.

What I can say is that I’ve used comparable stands to tilt up my Audioengine A5+s at my home’s work desk and the difference is surprisingly substantial.

Seriously - try ducking your head to woofer level and see if you can hear the difference.

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Take a look at Kanto stands, they’re relatively inexpensive and build quality is good.

See my desk setup here

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So more about ear alignment/directional setup than about isolation?

They look great, however I’m reluctant to put high level stands on the desk, I have to share it with my wife and I’m not sure I’d get the go ahead on aesthetic grounds.

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Yep. It’s about the speakers aimed at the sweet spot when you’re sitting next to them.

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Kanto also do some tilted stands.

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Try this

May need a little bit of cutting to fit properly under the LSX but should do the job for much less.

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It’s worth looking at the IsoAcoustics alternatives, either stands (inc the pro ones) or the pucks (again inc the pro range)

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