Has anyone updated to 1.4.8 yet?

Just curious to see if anyone has updated with success. Looks like one person on Audiogon had a problem.

I updated on Zenith Mk III from 1.4.7. Update went smoothly. All working fine.

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Same here.

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Well, my MkIII is new out of the box and couldn’t access it, so Joao from support
did a remote access to correct a factory mis-set network option. In the process
he also installed 1.4.8. It all looked good at the time and we both had to go, but
now that I’m back I discover Roon can’t see my MK III as a core.

Been trying to t/s this for a while now but probably not due to 1.4.8, am guessing I have something
else set up wrong, lol.

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Just updated to 1.4.8. No problems to report here.(Thankfully!)

Mine had a hissy fit, disable Roon and reboot, then enable it again and reboot. You may have to reboot again but that worked for me.

I updated my zen mini mkIII early this morning to 1.4.8 . Took about 12 minutes. No problems at all.
I used to have a Mytek Brooklyn DAC + hooked up to that, but it was defective so I sent it back for warranty repair over two months ago with no return ETA as of today. I also found out that Mytek and Innuos have some problems communicating with each other, ( see other threads) so I hooked up a Naim Atom about a month ago. With the Mytek product , I was told by Innuos NOT to enable the squeezebox option . Today with the new Innuos OS installed I went back to the "experimental " squeezebox option and my system ( KEF LS50 metas and LSX’s) has never sounded better! Stunning sound stages and no drop outs. I find customer service from INNUOS to be EXCELLENT and responsive( Unlike Mytek).

Updated with no problems.

Updated and failed, Joao from Innuos support did a remote session and solved the problem.

Installed on my Zen Mk 3 without issue