Has the date an album was added to my library disappeared?

I seem to remember that the date an album was added to my library was listed at the top of the page for that album. I t doesn’t seem to be there anymore, is there a setting to restore this feature?

Many thanks

For albums without review it’s between album cover and track list:


For albums with reviews it’s on the right side:


Note: You most-likely have to expand the review to see all the information present on the right-hand side.

There is AFAIK no setting to make the “added” date swap place with the (original) release date.

Hi Blackjack,

Thanks for your reply, but perhaps there’s something amiss with my settings or Ronn is different on a Mac (Which I use)

Please check out my screenshot and tell me
what you think.

Many thanks

click on the review to expand it and report back

Yes I know, bad UX introduced with Roon 1.8 and it’s new UI, but that’s how it currently works.