Have option to always show "Top Tracks"

I agree, I enjoy the new releases as they seem to tailor well, but again If I want to explore an artist… I am s.o.l. as again the popular tracks don’t have a clue. What I don’t understand is that I have read 3 years of posts with people looking for improvements to this feature. I work for a sass company and if we didn’t deliver with that much outcry I would expect to see a drop in customer base. There is a ton of stuff Roon does really well. I love the suggestions for the artists, the ability to have one service for Tidal and Qobuz while I am deciding which I prefer if not just keeping both, The artist background info is great, and I love how with Rock it works amazingly well with my NUC. For myself, the top tracks missing or being reasonably functional is the deal-breaker.

Roon chooses up to 20 tracks of an Artist, if their catalog can support it, you need to click the More button to see the entire list.

If you want to play the listed Popular Tracks in Roon, quickly

  1. Click on the Title of the first track, in this case “Exception”
  2. It will bring up a blue play menu, choose play from here
  3. All the tracks in the Popular Tracks section will get added to the Queue.


Another way to do it, is to just click the More Button which will bring you to the Whole Popular Tracks listing. Select All* and then hit play.

  • on Windows Ctrl-A, or right click on one track and go to the top left and choose Select All from the drop down.
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I didn’t think about using that option. I use the sub-menus everywhere else lol, but didn’t think of it there. That being said, my issue with the popular tracks in Roon is that they are typically way off the mark compared to Tidal, AmazonHD Music, and sometimes Qobuz imho.

Thank you for your suggestions though, I do appreciate it!

I would bet that is down to a difference in user bases. Each of those services uses their own data; just like Roon does.

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