Have option to always show "Top Tracks"

I’ve found that it depends on what is added to my library.

Prior to adding anything, Roon shows a selection of Top Tracks which seem to be mostly random, they do not align with the top tracks from Tidal, Spotify or any other source.

If I add music to my library via the “add” button (ie: with tidal/qobuz), then the top tracks simply goes away. No more top tracks.

If I add music to my library locally, by actually purchasing and adding FLACs to my library, then the top tracks changes to ONLY show “top tracks” from my library, seemingly based on what I listen to most.

I really don’t understand why roon hasn’t or cannot add an actual “top tracks” feature. There are so many sources to get the data from. Tidal, Qobuz, Their own users collaborative data, billboard, anything.

But more frustratingly, what use is removing top tracks entirely when I add music to my library, or changing it to only show stuff that I have manually added to my library.

I don’t think ANYONE expects top tracks to show them what THEY listen to most. That’s what the “plays” counter is for in the various library/album views.

It is there so that you can find an artist and quickly listen to their most popular work, rather than having to guess or filter through the in some cases extensive libraries they’ve released.

If its a small artist who has only released an album then even listening to a whole album rather than being able to immediately try out their “good stuff” is an issue.

But try looking through Queen’s library, with re-release on re-release on re-release and the currently 41 albums they have available on qobuz/tidal.

Again, its not really that this is a “bug” or something broken. Its just that its a VERY basic feature that every other streaming service offers, that roon does not.
Roon does everything else sooooo well and streamlined, and can’t offer top tracks??

Please roon, please sort this, its incredibly frustrating not to have this very basic feature.


Chiming in that I’m also experiencing this issue: top tracks for an artist display erratically. Sometimes it seems to be driven what I’ve listened to, sometimes it’s similar to top tracks in Qobuz, often nothing gets displayed at all.

Annoying issue…especially given every service out there as this.

Let’s hope 1.8 addresses this issue…

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Yes, it would be nice for Roon to match features Spotify had in 2008.

Seems like they are working on it…

Hi everyone - new Roon subscriber. My girlfriend and I can’t find top tracks for artists.

Can this please be addressed with priority? It’s a core feature I need to keep using this.

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Such an important feature that we have been asking (pretty please) for a while.

I find myself using Spotify more that Roon + Qobuz due to this. Hopefully we see it soon.

Roon 1.8 only half-addressed this :frowning:

Its nice to see the “popular” section actually staying put now. But the fact that it hardly lines up at all with what other services (tidal/spotify/qobuz) are listing as the top tracks is a shame and means the feature is still of little use.

Please roon, please can we have top tracks…
Having to keep tidal open side by side with roon so that I can actually see top tracks when browsing is beyond clunky


Amen, I’m playing tidal through roon but i still have to have tidal open and when a new artist pops up on roon, flip over to tidal, search the artist, look at top tracks, flip back to roon, search for the song, and finally play! Why the f*** do i have roon anyway!!?

Room look at my usage history, I’ll go a month would touching roon but use tidal everyday!

Please, please roon chime in. Is popular broken or is this what you wanted?

Hey @GoldenSound @Martin_Zupancic – it would be great if you guys could give me some examples of artists where you’re not getting the top tracks you expect. We did some analysis after these initial posts and I definitely agree that there’s room for improvement.

A few examples of where you feel like our lists are coming up short will be helpful as we work on improving these recommendations.

Thank you!

Is definitely one of the most used features for me / many

For example, for the band “Blacktop Mojo” there are no popular tracks listed.

And one more thing about “Popular/Top Songs”. Please consider to add the ability play top songs as default action for the “Play Now” button on the Artist Page

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Just take at look at The Beatles and Bob Dylan. They are obviously not the correct top tracks/popular by any measure. Tidal or Qobuz are right on.

I have a question Mike. Is it technically possible to integrate the top tracks from tidal/qobuz into roon if you have them linked? If so could we get a toggle in settings, a quick fix till you guy figure out what valence is doing.

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Here are a few from various genres. As you can see, spotify and tidal’s top tracks are either identical or incredibly similar. Meanwhile roon SOMETIMES gets the #1 track correct, but everything after that is basically random.
It would be really really good if the ‘popular’ section in roon was fixed to address this, or at least give us the option to feed popular from tidal data instead of roon’s own rankings?

  1. 20SYL


  2. Claptone
    #1 track is correct then everything else is different


  3. Freddie mercury


  4. Her
    Tidal: image



Love to be able to hide the top tracks section.

Hope that the artist’s popular track issue will be addressed in the next version of Roon. That is, 1.9?

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I signed up for the year subscription and spend much of my time looking for new music to listen to. I won’t be renewing as this feature is not available. Maybe I just don’t understand how Roon works but I really like the top tracks feature on Tidal. I prefer the sound quality of Qobuz. But will just stick with Tidal connect for my Node 2i.

Under artist I get a Popular Tracks listing at the beginning of the Overview page. Do you not see this?

This is the popular tracks as determined by Roon Users data. Just like Tidal’s is based off Tidal’s users.

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Thank you for the reply,
I do see the option but have never have found the selections to be useful. Maybe it’s just my tastes and music preferences, but the Tidal options are usually right on the spot. The similar artists option does work well for me in Roon, but then falls flat when I looking for good tracks to help me understand what the artists “sound” is. I always have Tidal open so I can switch to it when I find a suggested artist in Roon that I would like to try to find their Top songs. Also, this is more of a feature request but each track in the Popular section is separated into a card like structure that is messy, non-efficient, and hard to read. Screenshot of what I am referring to-

I use “Home- New Releases for you”.
Gives good recommendations for me.