List of updates from Roon on current issues in 1.8

I wanted to ensure that responses from the Roon team are easily accessible in one thread; it is hard to keep up to date on every topic/issue.

I am limiting the list to only show issues that are either being investigated by Roon, or are actively being resolved.

I will not be including issues that are effecting a minority of users which will require technical support specific to their control/core/endpoint/networking setup, but focusing on functionality/behaviour that could possibly effect all users that will either be restored or improved.

Please report issues or request new features in the appropriate forum category:

Making use of the forum’s search functionality often avoids reposts of similar issues/requests.

Please contribute as and when members of the Roon team post responses to issues not listed below. Thank you!


An exception to the 1.8 scope limit, this bug existed pre-1.8:

Restoring functionality/resolving bugs

Composer tags:

Classical genre page:

Artist page>Overview>Sort:

iOS>Scrolling and App foregrounding issues:

iOS (iPhone):

Android>Roon Radio>Skipped track feedback popup not appearing:

Limited offline functionality:

Feature improvements:

Artist>In Their Prime>include both local and streaming albums:

I believe Valence driven recommendations are subject to ongoing improvements, but keeping these in the list:

Classical genres>‘Top Composer’ recommendations:

Classical compositions>‘Top Performer’ recommendations:

Improving Roon’s recommendations for artists’ top tracks:

Housekeeping Tasks…>:

Check on Monday:

Release Notes


The original topic is now closed, please post feedback from the Roon team in this continuation topic.

*After 30 days posts are no longer editable (this has effected the original topic), so I have created a new topic to continue the list.

All the listed issues in the original topic have been transfered to this topic.

Thanks to @andybob for helping.

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This one is missing from the list. Last update is some time ago. I guess the fix is still hanging somewhere in QA.

Update, fix is around the corner (finally)

… And fixed.

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Thank you.

I am aware of this issue, but I’ve not added it to the list as, to my mind, the issue concerns a specific Roon configuration.

I realise the definition is somewhat blurry: for example, I’ve included issues effecting iOS and Android remotes. But options for types of remote devices are limited in number, and more than likely most users will have access to a smartphone or tablet.

However, your post itself serves to highlight Roon’s response to the issue.

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Yeah, except the problem isn’t specific to ZFS. Just the majority of the people triggering that bug are using ZFS because it is the best way to handle big data storage in a reliable way.

If you’re going to build a list of major bugs for the current version, you should probably populate it with all of the major bugs. Just because your use case doesn’t involve you doing advanced data storage techniques doesn’t mean other people aren’t.

Just to be clear, “my server can’t see local storage even though it has worked perfectly for multiple years” is in a wildly different class of bug than than “the phone remote app is derpy”. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry if I come off as harsh or jerkish. This particular bug has been pissing me off for 35+ days. :sweat:


Hi, Dean.

The main purpose of this topic is to highlight the responses of Roon team members to issues with Roon 1.8. I created the topic over a month ago, when some users believed that Roon were not responding to issues, mainly because it was hard to keep up with the volume of posts/topics at that time.

The post linking to the support topic itself serves this purpose, and if just one user who is effected by this issue and who wasn’t aware of that specific topic, sees the post and understands that Roon is working on resolving the issue and posts their experience, then that is good in my book.

I have no intention of playing down the importance of the issue, nor the impact on effected users. I understand those effected have been waiting a long time for an update. I hope that it is resolved very soon.

The list isn’t meant to be a list of all major issues, but limited to the areas I roughly defined in my OP. I understand why you disagree with the issue being excluded from the list, but from my perspective, I am only aware of around 20 posters on that topic who are effected, plus one other who posted a seperate support topic, and was linked to the existing support topic.

Of course, more users will have been effected - I very likely have missed other topics on the issue, and not everyone effected will post to the forum.

The list, however badly you feel I have collated it, is not based on my own use-case.

As I’ve said, I totally understand your frustration, and I really hope you and all the effected users can get back to enjoying Roon as soon as possible.

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Before posting in this thread, ask yourself the following question:

Does my post link a response by Roon staff to a 1.8 issue ?

If yes, post away. If not, don’t post in this thread, your post will be deleted.


@SimplicityCompass one to add to the list, please. this has now also received recognition by Roon staff.

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Thanks @bbrip.

Added [tagged as: ‘report is in’]:

Build 778 has been released. The Software Release Notes describing changes are here:


The nice part of maintaining this list… :grinning:



I’m also going to remove these issues:

Improvements to handling of conductor/performer + composer:

But note that the new Match All/Any logic has highlighted inconsistent behaviour:


And linked to the most recent response from Roon re: the non persistent scrolling position:


The loss of the “hide album” feature with the launch of 1.8 has been fixed with the March 21 update. Thanks


Already removed from the listing, but thank you for the secondary confirmation.

One to add to the list of recognized bugs:

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And another one, addressing the malfunctioning „Only complete recordings“ setting and missing counters for single albums in a library.

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Thank you.



It seems from a recent post, Roon are regarding the back button appearing outside of the menu as a bug: