Bug: Age calculation of artists/composers without date of death [Ticket In]

These days I’ve noticed several artist or composer pages where a birth date is given, but the date of death is unknown or missing in the supplied metadata. In these cases, Roon calculates the artist’s age wrongly subtracting the birth date from the current date.

A screenshot as example:


Thank you for the report, @Andreas_Philipp1 , we have an open ticket in about this issue.


This is neither a Feature Suggestion nor a Support issue (or is it?) so I hope it’s correctly placed into the Software section.


It’s not that uncommon especially for “earlier” music that biographical information is incomplete and possibly lost forever in the stream of time… …so in cases in which Roon has

  • a date of birth and
  • a place of death but
  • no date of death

it should refrain from calculating an age.

Roon versions: 1.8 / 814 (core and client)

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I reported this bug before. Of course this is not a feature ‘suggestion’, nor do you need support. This is a bug.

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It’s a bug, so best to post in #support to get Roon’s attention.
As there is an existing topic for it, I’ve merged it.

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BTW Carl, why don’t we have on the forum a separate category for bug reports vs support requests, which is not the same…

It’s really a question for Roon @admin, but I believe it is Roon’s @suppport team that triage and categorise reports … and they “hang out” in the #support section.