Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

Na, I agree with @bbrip - I don’t need all the “Recent Listening”, “What you’ve been listening to”, “Recently Played”, “Your Recent Artists”, “Genres for you”, and “Discover” stuff. Pie charts and graphs, for what? Recent Activity was useful, and it’s been reduced to 5 albums. The rest is all superfluous.


YOU don’t need that stuff doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of people who likes this stuff.
I see to much generalising of the own opinion in this thread and I hope ROON will not forget the majority of people who will never post here because they are satisfied.

A good example. For me this is totally useless and is only a wast of screen place. But I can accept it and had never the urge to post a remove request.


If I add an album to library whilst it’s playing the little animated spectrogram which shows the track that’s playing disappears. Same as previous version.

It’s certainly a curiosity, if it needs to be right there prominent on the “Home” page, I dunno…

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Roon have usage analytics (hopefully very comprehensive), so I’d like decisions to based upon a balance of analytics and forum feedback. I don’t doubt that forum feedback tends to be self-selecting posts of a negative nature (by this I mean issues/dislikes - not ‘bad’ in themselves), but some of the silent “satisfied” users could just as easily be apathetic or not even aware of the forums.

Making any kind of assumptions about the userbase isn’t the way forward.

In the specific cases discussed above: recommendations/activity on the Home page, or popular tracks on artist pages (which could be hidden in 1.7), etc… a reasonable compromise would be to allow the user the option to hide the functionality.


We are still working on this – it’s not being ignored but it wasn’t ready on the same timescale as a number of other fixes we didn’t want to hold up (like the ZFS storage fix).

The issue here was that a long translation string was pushing the back button off the screen. In other words, this was a bug fix not a design change.


I assume the same is true for face focusing issues on artists / composer bubbles? Also not ready yet?

I didn’t have any problems with initial 1.8 upgrade, all went smoothly as usual, but I did have some concerns on its useability and differences related to 1.7. The new UI took some getting used too. As noted, by many, it seemed like there was a lot of wasted space. Having to scroll from the right numerous times in a section to get the full page expansion button, if it was there, was a pain and then the display was limited in the number of objects shown without scrolling. The positioning issue, starting back at the top of multi-page view after drilling down on an object, album, artist or whatever, made it too much trouble to use. And the limited number of objects displayed with full page views was very disappointing. There were other issues that I noticed but can’t recall at the moment.

With the update to 778 the issues that I can recall have been addressed. The UI is back to being what I’ve come to expect from Roon, for the most part, with seemingly unlimited access to all the music available online, from Tidal and Qobuz, and my library, in an easily searchable format. The information gathering and presentation works very well and is a pleasure to use, again. Selecting an artist then discography displays main albums, Singles and EP’s, With artists (by name), Appearances, Compilations, etc… All the information I never knew I wanted to know about artists in my library. And those lead to other artist, repeat, repeat.

I’ve discovered more new music, recently with 1.8, than I have in the past 20 something months of use.

Good job on the 1.8 refinements so far, its a good start. Please keep them coming.


I like it, especially the improved filtering functionality with AND and OR. Great improvements over the first release of 1.8; now I can finally say that I’m enjoying a better experience over 1.7 while in the beginning I was skeptical and disappointed.

Keep it up!


I see the WSOD on iOS devices is still there. Sorry if it’s already been posted

But are you going to return the “forward” button? Or do you mean that won’t going to happen?

You mean the withe flash? yes it is.

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Thanks for letting us know. It’s good to hear that you’re working on it.

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The two ZFS users must be doing cartwheels.


I am still missing:

  1. on iPad the Search is too small. Hard to do update on search criteria for renewed searching

  2. On iPad the scroll bar at the right side on History page.


Totally agree. Like you, I couldn’t give a toss about popular tracks or how many times I’ve played them. No way should this data be right at the top of the artist page.


Not for me, it wasn’t. Back to the beginning of my albums every single time.

With this new release I’m not able to see:
Covers,I see only a blacksquare,play,ff,stop buttons any more.
Win10 last update.

Hi, there are a number of users effected by this issue, and Roon are aware:

I would suggest also posting in that topic so Roon have a better understaning of the number of users effected by this issue.

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I’m grateful to the Roon developers for build 778, particularly the genre/composer/album fixes. Along with restored amenities like composition/performance counts and composition indentation, 1.8 is now a more useful release for me than was 1.7.