Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

Installing right now AFTER performing a backup…well you never know, will soon know what this one looks like!

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Well at least nothing crashed or stopped working!

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I have just installed it (and all working) but need the new mobile apps to be available to update.

BTW Backups before updates are for babies :grin:


Well pass me my dummy then…:joy:


I can’t believe there is no dummy imoje :thinking::pleading_face:

Well that’s :poop:


The font size bump is glorious for these old eyes. Thank you!


On that I can wholeheartedly agree!!

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Looks better so far.

Full screen…


LOVE the new text size options! Its not much bigger but is better spaced and a little bolder. It looks great when used with the option to show more artists and albums on a page


Are the font size bumps on PC (Mine win10) only or on remotes (iPad7) as well?
Can’t find it.

PC only it seems. If you want to bump font size up on your iPad you need to make everything else on your iPad big via the Apple settings. It kinda sucks. No wait. It does suck. :roll_eyes:

Indicates 764 still on build so hopefully there’s an update showing soon but the font situation on the iPad will definitely not be changing. So it still sucks.


I do not believe the updates for Android and Apple remotes have been released yet.

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Am I missing something, can you not “match all” when sorting by personal tags? I see the option added to some of the other focus options, why not on our personal tags?

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Shortly “playing” with new version, I am very pleased!!! Looks and feels excellent update. Well done Roon!

Maybe a setting I haven’t found, but “shuffle play “ still limited to 5000 tracks. Yes I have rebooted my system. Please fix this. All else looks great so far. Keep up the good work.