Some issues/strange behaviour compared with V1.7

Version 1.8 (build 778) - last available version

Description Of Issue

I enjoy a lot your new interface but I’m still struggling with some issues or strange behaviour compared to version 1.7…

  • When searching for an Artist, I get the albums from that Artist but not the compilation albums/tracks where the Artist appears
  • What now is called ‘Popular’ is mainly (only) showing tracks/albums on Tidal and not from my own library eventhough I tagged some tracks with a heart in my own library
  • When looking from an Artist, I get all the albums in my library and when I select one and then return I miss albums from the view. To get them all back I need to search again for the artist and then all albums appear again

Hey @Benedikt_Gruyaert,

Thanks a whole lot for sharing your thoughts on the UI of Roon 1.8. Since these issues are being discussed on their own thread, I took the liberty to move your post where it’ll get the attention it needs :slight_smile:

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