BUG 1.8 - still in 778: Librettists / Lyricists show up as composers

Guys, / @support this should’nt really be so hard to fix. I even provided you some code / logic before for this:

Again, it should take no more then a handful of lines of code to fix this:

If Tag = „Composer“, THEN >>> Composer!
If Tag = „Text“ OR „Poetry“ OR „Lyrics“ OR „Libretto“ THEN >>> NOT Composer !!

I still get Librettists listed as Top Composers for Opera. Could you please finally get this fixed once and for all.

Thank you


@support please advise whether you require any further supportive evidence on this issue. Thanks.

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Hey @bbrip,

Thanks a whole lot for following up on this. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging - on the same day you posted this was brought up. We’re looking into it and we’ll follow up :slight_smile:


I agree, that is strange to see something “composed by” Dante Alighieri.

But anyway, I like that I have the opportunity to see where his poetry was used. Maybe they should call it some other word.

Goethe also wrote a Symphony. The lyrics (Faust) are by Liszt if I remember correctly :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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