Make Focus an "OR" operation instead of "AND"

Tags definitely working differently…previously selecting multiple tags would show all content from the combined tags whereas now it appears as though the content has to be tagged in all the categories to be displayed. Many of my bookmarks no longer work either as they relied on multiple tags.

Fails on discoverability.
You look at the UI, without reading the manual (guys don’t read manuals), how do you figure out one, two, three clicks?

If they make Focus an “OR” operation they’ll have to rename it Blur won’t they?


Just select ‘- Classical’ in Focus by first selecting Classical, then tapping it again to become ‘- Classical’, then all non-Classical albums will appear.

Your genial comment is the only good thing that happened since the 1.8 went live!

We are looking into a quick fix for this. We have some ideas.


Please seriously consider in the feature adding some way to set this by any focus criteria and value in any possible combination. This will fix the issue once and for all.

It’s always been one click to get to “NOT”, since day one. Why the problem with another click?

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I also am a user of the “Tag A OR Tag B” functionality.
I would like to see this back please.


Appreciate it, very important broken feature.

That’s great news

Why not two? Or three?

The problem is discoverability, there is nothing in the user interface that indicates that it works that way, and it is not a common convention on Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android.

Right click was not discoverable, but Microsoft had the clout to make it known and accepted across the entire platform.

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And then those that are starting to like the AND functionality will want that back. An so this will never end…

The solution is to have the possibility to chose any of them in any combination. Some other guys with some other company with some other roon like applications, they understood this from their very beginning…


I’ve been pulling my hair our trying to figure out how to do what I’ve ALWAYS done in Roon, which is pick one or two genres and shuffle everything in those genres. It’s broken as all hell, because I can only focus on one genre at a time (why why why???) and it only shuffles a small portion of my library.

So two of my most common uses for Roon are now utterly broken. I like a lot about the new Roon - I really do - and I was massively excited. It’s way snappier and more responsive. But to inexplicably break basic functionality is just beyond me.

And sorry, but what is with the purple? Of all colors to choose…purple? :-/


@paulgh gave a very good suggestion. If we could do so, it would be great.

Has this been resolved in the meantime, can you adjust it again?

Yes, it now works - after the update I can see and adjust all setting on Windows 10 running on a german system

I can empathize with the OR function breaking. For 2 years I’ve had to do this to get AND working. And it was painful…

I grabbed this a long time ago from the forums. So the credit for coming up with this solution is not mine…

Not as simple, but it can be done. It relies on the fact that combining a tag with a negated tag uses AND logic.

So, to produce tag1 AND tag2:

Focus on tag1.
Invert (tap the green plus to turn it to red minus)
select all, 3 dots edit > add to tag > new tag. Name it not-tag1 (for instance)

Focus on not-tag1
Now the magic…
Also Focus on tag2.


You might want to bookmark final result.

It would be amazing if we could have both options.

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And then Roon decided to defy that convention and make right-click do something completely different. :rofl:

The point was, Windows no longer has 97% market share.
iOS and Android are both bigger.
And the web is muuuch bigger.
And consequently, Microsoft products make very little use of right click.

Right click is over.