Make Focus an "OR" operation instead of "AND"

None of my legacy bookmarked focus groups will play songs. I also can’t make new ones. Roon says I have zero albums in the focus groups. Attached picture.

Update: okay, now I understand. Before if I focussed on genres “rock” and “jazz” all of the rock and jazz albums appeared. Now it’s the opposite- only albums that are simultaneously Both Rock and Jazz appear.

That doesn’t work for lots of uses. I want a bookmark that brings up all my non-classical, music. All rock jazz blues etc that isn’t classical. How do I “focus” on that? I have to make a negative focus group? List in the group all the stuff I don’t want in the group? That makes no sense.


I’m using the same functionality; bookmarked focus on multiple labels.
1.8 changed it to AND, so an focussed album needs to be in the same selected query.
For me, this should be fixed and needs to be working again just like 1.7. (Label OR Label)
Or make it able to select AND or OR in the focus query.
Disliking that I cannot listen to my library that I used to.


First of all, Nice Work Roon Labs Team! Loving (most) of the changes.

One issue. I have a bookmark called “Smooth jazz.” Previously, I used focus to include several genres, such as “smooth jazz,” “crossover-jazz,” “jazz fusion,” etc.

This would bring up a list of 300 or so albums that had any of those genres.

Now, it brings up only one album that has all those genres.

It’s like focus changed from “or” to “and.”

This sort of breaks all my bookmarks.



I had all my ECM albums neatly organised in one Bookmark. Almost 1350 albums, nicely sorted chronologically. This was done with Focus on several ECM (sub)labels.

In 1.8, the Bookmark reports that I need to remove some labels to give results. It seems that it is now only possible to select one label at a time. At best, this provides me with 300 less albums.

I know I can make a tag and have done so, but this doesn’t allow me to filter on Date like the Bookmark did. It’s just a random collection of a lot of albums, which is not what I’m looking for and used to have.


Bumping this because it seems like a pretty big deal to not be mentioned in release notes. What’s the alternative/workaround? This fundamentally changes how I use roon.




Why was this moved from support to a feature request? Bookmarks are broken. Fixing them to work as before is a feature?


I’m not with my system now so can’t try this, but using boolean logic you could do this: negate each of the 4 genres (-Jazz, -JPop etc.), then save that bookmark with all the negatives. Then select only this new bookmark and negate it as well. The result should be the same as an “OR” between all the positive genres.

In other words:

+Rock OR +Jazz OR +Pop OR +Fusion
is the same as
-(-Rock AND -Jazz AND -Pop AND -Fusion)

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

In version 1.8, bookmark shows one album. Same bookmark in 1.7 showed 300+ albums. Where did all the albums go? Were they removed from my library?

It seems that the issue is a change in sorting criteria. Previously, one could combine albums with different tags in one bookmark. Now it appears that ALL the albums in a bookmark must have ALL the tags or be assigned a new tag (making the tag synonymous with the bookmark). I had several bookmarks show no albums in 1.8 because off this change; they’re still in my library though.

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Why is this a feature request? Bookmarks are broken.


Same issue here. Was stumped for a few minutes as to what was happening. This is a bug not a feature.


My suggestion, is give us AND & OR, but add a symbol to represent + | then when you click it it goes from + to | then to -+ then to -| and then starts over. Covers all bases


Agree this is important functionality which now is sorely missing. I hope we will see it return.


Sorry, Roon.
If I want to hear all my rock and pop, etc, and not classical, it makes no sense that the only way to get that is to focus on Classical and then make it negative.
Also, you need a function for a focus thats additive: 50 Rock albums + 50 Soul Albums= 100 albums, not zero.


Same here. It is not that bookmarks are broken per se. They merely changed the standard operation for focus on tags from OR to AND. In my case, I had a bookmark for all records tagged with either CD (indicating that I own a physical copy of said album on CD) or VINYL (for my physical LP collection). So, in 1.7 this bookmark would produce a list of all records I own, be in on CD OR Vinyl. This is something like 1200 records. In 1.8 the same bookmark produces a list of those records that I found necessary to own as both a CD AND Vinyl, which is a mere 28 records.

Now, I can think of many use case in which the AND operation is actually more helpful than OR. So I am not suggesting to change it back. Rather, I second the demand for the possibility to choose whether we want to use OR or AND in our focus searches. This seems to be such a straightforward thing, far less complex than fancy recommendation algorithms, but so much more desired for those of us who have a curated collection.


Agree! I use exactly the same logic.


I would also like to have the ability to choose betwwen OR and AND. Most of my bookmarks are broken. :frowning:


Agree. The OR (subtractive) focus is highly counter intuitive in many cases and makes it extremely difficult or impossible to construct a playback list the way I want.
There should at least be an option for the AND operation.


What did they in the beta test? Only listening music and playing with the new interface? Very strange… The first bug with shuffling I got within the first 3 minutes… and the bug with the focus groups is a nogo. But if you ask to be a betatester you receive a simple no, thank you