Having a problem with Quartetto Italiano Mozart String Quartets

The disc with quartets 16 & 17 is displaying as quartets 6, 7 & 8.

Identify takes you to the complete set showing incorrect matching of tracks. I tried to change the header to the correct labellng to see if it would then correct the track labelling. No, it did not yet curiously the track labelling on the right was then correctly saying quartets 16 & 17 but requires laborious down movement on the right to match up with what is on the left.

Now I can understand that if the track labelling on the right was wrong, then Roon would have trouble matiching but cannot see why it will not automatically match when the right side labelling is correct. The screen shots below fully explains what I’m taliking about. Note I have altered the album cover to display the thumbnail contents more clearly but that should have no affect on the album detailed display.

Am I missing something obvious?