Having a standard template with relevant questions to aid support

I appreciate this must be very annoying for Oliver

Without wishing to derail the thread I think it would be useful if there was some format where all the questions that need to be answered to resolve issues speedily could be facilitated by the forum.

Maybe a post on the thread that is continually referred to for information that is needed with just the titles of what is needed and this can be replied to in to the new thread and the information just filled in

Hopefully I making myself clear here.


Yep…clear as mud :smiley:

so a bit like what Mike noted above then ???

I’m suggesting that rather than pointing to the thread have a set reply template with relevant questions and space for the answer.

Roon ver:
Core machine:
HD type and size
Location of music files


Then replying to post the fields are filled in

Roon ver: 1.2
Core machine: Intel NUC
RAM: 8 go
Processor: 2.4 Mgz
HD type and size. SDD 1tb
Location of music qnap NAS

Etc etc etc

So it’s just a cut and paste job by support when more information is needed.


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OK…understood. I could see that helping get some discipline into initial problem posts.

Maybe a part in Roon itself where you can copy all that data needed from (like “Service report”) and paste it in the first post on the forum.

[quote=“Sloop_John_B, post:1, topic:10270”]
Without wishing to derail the thread …
[/quote]I’ve now split it out, so the discussion can continue, without derailing the original topic.

[quote=“JSE, post:6, topic:10270”]
Maybe a part in Roon itself where you can copy all that data needed
[/quote]That’s an interesting idea, provided Roon is running it should be possible to capture quite a lot of information about the local machine. For the other machines involved esp. NAS devices it would be more of challenge.

Maybe you can send the needed information from the RoonServer to the Roon clients (on Linux, Windows, Mac or even Mobile Apps) so you can copy it with it from the clients. Just pass more info to the client when it connects to RoonServer.

Sometimes a failure to connect is the problem.

Yes, I understand that, but for all the other errors, you’ll have the needed specs easily available.